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Individually Tailored Training Programs

No two pilots are exactly the same, and no two training programs should be exactly the same either. Our mission is to develop the best learning program for YOU. Nonetheless, the examples below may give you some ideas about the sorts of training opportunities that you will find at Trident. By the same token, we know that scheduling is always a challenge, so for that reason, we do all our training by appointment so we can do our best to work around your schedule needs. Tailored curriculum; tailored scheduling.

Upgrade/Advanced Training

If you are planning a professional flying career, you will need to move beyond your Private License to the Commercial License, Instrument Rating, and other certifications. Even if you are not going to fly commercially, adding an instrument rating or other qualifications is a great way to improve your skills to become a better and safer pilot.

Rusty Pilot

Perhaps you already have a license but have not been flying regularly for a while, or maybe you are technically “current,” but feel like you have fallen behind on the latest technologies, resources, and regulations. We can design a course of learning to help you get back to that sharp, proficient, and confident feeling that makes flying safer and more fun.

Rusty Instrument Pilot

Especially if you do not fly regularly, staying instrument proficient and current is a big challenge. Trident can bring you back up to currency and proficiency and then help you stay current. Besides refresher ground training, the simulator serves as a crucial element in reestablishing and maintaining instrument proficiency. In addition, you will be able to do your Instrument Proficiency Check (required to return you to instrument currency) almost entirely in the simulator. Once again, this can all be done faster, better, and at lower cost than in the actual airplane.

Stay Sharp / Stay Safe

Whether you are a professional pilot, instrument rated, a sunny day fly-in breakfast aviator, or pretty much any other sort of flyer, keeping your knowledge and skills current and sharp will always be an essential part of your life.

Like the airlines, Trident offers refresher and "LOFT” training to help you stay sharp, and especially to keep your instrument skills razor sharp. “LOFT” stands for “Line Oriented Flight Training” and consists of real-world challenges conducted in the simulator to help you hone your flying and decision-making skills.


Trident also offers a variety of other skill building courses, such as engine-failure training, mountain flying, and others that are great for pilots at any level, from private pilot to Airline Transport Pilot.

Whatever sort of pilot you may be or may want to become, we look forward to meeting you to talk about ways Trident can help you meet your goals.

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