About Us

About Our Chief Instructor

Dennis Vanatta is a retired airline captain who has been working in aviation for more than fifty years, including operating a flight school and fixed base operation, flying as a line captain in air freight and passenger service, serving as an airline flight instructor and check airman, and working in airline management. He holds an Airline Transport Pilot certificate with numerous type ratings, a Gold Seal Flight Instructor Certificate (single- and multiengine and instrument), and is rated in gliders and seaplanes. He is also an Airframe and Powerplant aircraft Mechanic.

A Few Words from Dennis About the Idea Behind Trident Aviation Training

In the airlines, training is a way of life; almost a continuous process. Besides frequent and regular recurrent and refresher training and proficiency checks, there was almost always some new information waiting for you every time you checked in for a trip.

After I left the airlines and returned to General Aviation Flying, I discovered how hard it can be to stay current on procedures, technologies, and regulations, much less remain proficient at flying. I also found that there were many other pilots facing these same challenges: pilots wanting to learn new skills, add certificates or ratings, recover and maintain their old skills, or just work on becoming better and safer pilots. Besides that, there seem to be more and more folks who want to become pilots -- some aspiring to professional careers, others who just want to experience the joys of flight. 

The one thing all these people have in common is the need for quality training that is efficient and cost-effective. So we decided to start Trident Aviation Training to bring the best technologies and resources to our aviation community. The goal is to help people not only learn to fly, but also maintain and improve their skills and knowledge and continue to be the safest pilots possible. Our mission at Trident is to use the best available ground training, the best information resources, and the most efficient and cost-effective flight simulation training to make all that happen for each individual pilot.


We hope we will see you around the airport at Owatonna, have a chance to meet you, and hopefully find ways to help you meet your flying goals.