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The Three Key Elements of Aviation Training

​​Ground Training includes classroom training, guided independent study, seminars, and study groups. Using leading-edge computer-based training programs combined with regular interactive classroom sessions, we can help you build your understanding and encourage steady progress through your training.

Whether you are working on your Private License, adding an Instrument rating, getting current,  learning about new technologies, or whatever your goals, your ground training is where you build the understanding you will need as you move into the simulator and the airplane.


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Simulator Training has long been the mainstay of airline training programs. As technologies have improved, quality simulator training is now available to general aviation, light airplane learning programs. The simulator is where you start to apply the principles you learned in ground school and where you develop the skills you will use in the actual aircraft. And you will have a great time doing it while you save money too!​

​Simulators are less costly to build and operate than “real airplanes,” and they are more efficient. Simulators can be quickly “positioned” into particular situations to permit repeating maneuvers and techniques without needing to “fly back” to the starting point. They also enable the instructor to vary weather and other conditions and induce challenges that cannot be controlled in the airplane. ​In other words, you will do more quality training in less time than in the “real” airplane.

Much of your simulator time will also apply toward the FAA required hours needed for various certificates and ratings, and the simulator can also be used for such things as instrument proficiency checks and instrument currency … all at a fraction of the cost of using an actual airplane. 



Flight Training refers to your actual in-aircraft training. Whatever particular training program you might be pursuing, this is where your ground school and simulator training are ultimately taking you. 

In any case, your quality ground training and the solid foundation you will build in the simulator will put you in the best possible position for success when you get in the airplane. Our mission will always be to help you be the most proficient and safest pilot you can be.


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