A three-pronged approach to pilot learning: Ground -- Simulator -- Flight

The background picture was taken over northwestern Canada as two Sun Country B737s pass in opposite directions between Minneapolis and Anchorage. .

About the Trident

The Trident is a three-pointed tool or weapon often depicted in coats-of-arms and mythology. We chose this symbol because it represents the three-pronged approach to aviation learning programs: Ground Training, Simulator Training, and Flight Training. Our mission is to strategically use these three overlapping elements to bring the most effective and most cost-effective training programs to the flying community, each specifically tailored to the learning needs and schedule of the individual.


Whatever your pilot training needs -- whether you are a new pilot starting out, or an experienced aviator trying to maintain or improve your certificates, ratings, and skills, or just about any other sort of pilot, we will work with you to find the best training solutions for your particular situation and goals. Trident offers a broad range of programs to help you reach your goals ... and these three key elements will be a part of just about every program.

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Special Notices

  • We hope everyone has stayed healthy through the rapidly changing conditions over the past few months. I think we are all about ready to move back to some semblance of normalcy.

  • Our new advanced Redbird simulator / training device was installed right on schedule the last week of April and is fully operational at this time.

  • We are now offering a suite of proficiency programs in the simulator, some geared toward VFR pilots, and a second set focusing on instrument challenges. A number of these programs can be counted toward FAA Wings flight credits.

  • We are continuing to do training and look forward to having you drop by to see the sim and talk about these newest programs and how we can help you with your training goals.